Report of Workshop,
The instructor, Coca-z who works for botanical arts and design-construction of garden and landscape based in Osaka. He pursues to present the cozy and comfortable daily life with plants. His works are very impressive and elegant touch succeeding to Japanese traditions.
We invited him as an instructor of our 2nd workshop to introduce Japanese culture to Vietnam and expected to have an opportunity of cultural exchange.
In this workshop program is,
– short lecture of Ikebana history and basic theory of ikebana,
– making Mori-bana Ikebana,
– quick making ikebana in a glass,
16 participants (12 Vietnamese and 4 Japanese) joined.
We saw participants felt somehow disoriented at the beginning, but soon enjoyed selecting leaves and flowers and put in their vase.
All participants works are really nice and it seems those works are reflected with their own character.
We found there’re a bit different feeling or sense of aesthetics between Vietnamese and Japanese as well. It’s very interesting for us to know that.
We are happy to see participants enjoyed and look satisfied.
Thanks a lot all participants and Coca-z san