Unit0 Saigon Cafe incorporates the “Gallery”.

Introduce the artist, Motonori Inagaki who is the same name of the architect of Unit0 Saigon (^_^).

Some of his works are exhibited permanently as private owned, let’s see them. There are 3 types of art piece, decalcomany, photo silkscreen on aluminum sheet and drawings.

The decalcomany is his earlier work, oil on canvus. It looks sometimes elephant, sometimes skeleton depends on your feeling. The appearance is generated accidentaly but encourage your imagination when you see it.

The photo silkscreen works are his recent works. That method of silkscreen on aluminium sheet was developed by Nomart which gallery he belongs to in Osaka. His photo works and the skill of printing generate the details of pixels which make you to feel calm.

The drawings are his daily works drawn in the A4 sheet paper. His feeling and thinking are fixed to there and those show the diverse images. Sometimes iconic, sometimes graphic lines, sometimes abstract.

We intend that visitors can feel their own way, sometimes find the beauty in details, sometimes impressed with the appearance, sometimes watch it in deep.