· Design for generating and dicovering culture
· Design through Dialogue, communication and participation
· Design with environmental and ecological views

With these principles, we organize our team to incorporate diverse fields and perspectives. We pursue to provide optimum suggestions and services.


We are architects and design office that conducts research, master planning, concept, design and supervision for our surroundings. With pursueing various possibilities, we make importance on communication with clients from proposal, design to completion.

· Architecture Consulting, Master Plan
· Architecture and Landscape Survey, Research, Design, Supervision
· Furniture, Lighting Design
· Sign, Graphic Design

Please feel free to contact us if there are some questions about work flow, design fee, or request for portfolio.



Art Gallery Nomart (Japan)
Art Inagaki Motonori (Japan)
Consultant Sky Party (Japan)
Sky Party Vietnam
Facade Engineering CAMSA Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Furniture Noithat 2M (Vietnam)
Graphic Design Missy Wolf (Vietnam)
Landscape Design Pho Xanh Garden (Vietnam)
Landscape Design WA-SO Design (Japan)
Lighting Design akari+DESIGN (Japan)
Structure Design Tori-sha (Japan)