Report of Sockmat Workshop held on 8,9 March 2019

Tường thuật một xíu về buổi "Sockmat workshop" dịp 8-3 vừa qua nhé các bạn!Kieko Imai – chủ một cửa hiệu handmade kiêm…

Người đăng: Unit0 Saigon Cafe vào Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 3, 2019

An instructor, Ms. Kieko Imai who is an owner of retail shop – Down to Earth Tanimachi and a cafe – Tsuchi Mizuki in Osaka. Her shop concept is to introduce slow life through dialogues with nature and culture to enhance your activities gently, spiritually and physically. She often holds workshop events to introduce a life with creativity through fabrication workshop as well.
6 years ago, one of her major work, Sockmat was born. She found a factory in Nara prefecture, Japan where fabricate socks made of 100% organic cotton and saw discarded pieces in manufacturing process. She generated Sockmat which is knitted discarded pieces of socks without using any instruments.
Thus, her concept is much appreciated and meets our concept and expectation for first workshop in Unit0 Saigon.
Even weekday, 3 participants, 1 Vietnamese and 2 Japanese joined. That’s nice for us to start it and there’s enough time to chat with participants well.
17 persons booked but finally 13 persons joined. 4 Vietnamese, 7 Japanese and 2 American. As Ms. Kieko said before this event 10 to 12 persons is maximum capacity in one Sockmat workshop, much attention and care to participants are necessary. So, there’s not enough time to chat with participants but we found a feeling of togetherness. Each person makes their own mat but we can feel fabricating one product together alike. That’s an enjoyable and meaningful moment in fabrication workshop!
Moreover, we are very pleased with seeing participants look happy and satisfied with their own mat!