We start to offer “Research Service” as our scope. What is “Research Service”?
Recently, especially in these 5 years, we were requested to engage some research and feasibility study works. It seems those are the trend when the owners plan to build their facilities, not only to design the box alike but also to consider how make it better to use or future use. We collect data and analize to consider the future sustinability.
We believe the research and development work is important for the client and us, so we would like to convey you the worth of our Research Service.
Our Research Service is, not limited the large or small scale of projects.
– independent from our Design Service (depends on your requirement)
– collecting related data and information from reliable resources
– analizing the data and resources
– making the stratogy, target,feasibility and concept clearly
– subsequently concept design and schematic design will start
Well, we will pic up some samples for your reference!