XFY Master Plan of Industrial Park Residential Area


“Green Island”
The site is located in the front end of an industrial park and the residential area, commercial area, amusement area and restaurant area are intended to develop for the workers and visitors in the industrial park. At first, the images which are not seen in the typical development project are coming. The ideas of wandering in the green island seem a good opportunity to change the circumstances of working and living in the industrial park. Our concept “Green Island” incorporates the basic ideas of, “undulated ground”, “green network” and “green building”. We intended those ideas to lead the area lively and intimate space to trigger learning culture, wandering the town and interests in health. People can enjoy the life in the “Green Island” and simultaneously the concept must expedite the area to increase in the value as well.
“Green Network”
Typical developed town tends to have less delight of walking in the town. We proposed the idea of Green Network to enjoy wandering in the town. Green Network is a slow and small size network for pedestrian and bicycle overlaid on the fast network for vehicles. It is an organic design which is extended or expanded to form the common space for residents and growing up according to the activities in there. The network brings the area diverse architecture type as well. It enhances the area more fascinate.
“Combination of Landscape and Green Buildings”
We believe that the undulated ground is a very important measure to make the area fascinated and lively rather than to design plane landscape and buildings. The undulated ground give unique characteristics to the respective area. Combination with landscape and green buildings which are harmonized enhances the “Green Island” as unique and lively and comfortable town.

Client Industry:
Residential, Commercial, Welfare
Work Type:
Concept of Masterplan
Design Year:
Development Area:
2 ha