Q1 Hotel


“Compact and Cozy Hotel in the center of Saigon”
The client pursued the new hotel as compact and cozy space where traveler can enjoy the center of Saigon. The plan was suggested to arrange the rooms efficiently and to intake natural wind and light to the respective rooms. The rich greens which make the visitors to feel relax, refresh and comfortable were introduced in the entrance, backyard, balconies, corridors and rooftop as well.
“Modern Grid Façade with rich greens”
The façade of the building was designed with simple and sophisticated protruded grid panels. The Panels were diagonally faced to the road with different angle in each level, so that people can see the mutating faces along the road. To avoid the clinical impression, the entrance and balconies have rich greens which makes the hotel lively, comfortable and fresh.
“Green Reception Floor and Penthouse Floor”
The Reception also has rich greens from entrance to the backyard on Ground Floor. Visitors are lead to the reception hall through the greens and find the garden inside of the reception. That is an expression of welcome to the hotel and give the impression of relaxing and refreshing to the customers. The rooftop floor, penthouse has café & bar and a large terrace where customers can enjoy the breakfast and night amusement, such as seasonal party and event with night view of Saigon.

Client Industry:
HCMC, Viet Nam
Work Type:
Concept Design, Basic Design, Detail Design
Design Year:
Square Footage:
1,000 sqm