OSS O-Univ. Science Square


“Science Square”
is focused on the space for experiment, courses in science and workshops. The space is designed as an introduction of entrepreneurship through interaction and collaboration with various faculties.
“Water Drip”
The client suggested the concept word as “water drip” which are gathering and separating freely on leaves, imagining the activity in this facility.
“Water Flow”
was introduced in the center of this facility with louver ceiling and color patterned floor. Water Flow segregate personal space from public space without using the partitioning. The idea meets with the concept word, “Water Drip” and diverse styles of use, such as workshop, lecture, dialogue and collaboration.
“Furniture workshop”
Tables and Stools were developed through the workshop. The ideas which are based on the concept word, “Water Drip” were suggested by students. After the dialogues and selection of design, the design was developed by designers and students joined to fabricate the wooden stools. It was a good opportunity and experience for students.

Client Industry:
Osaka, Japan
Work Type:
Concept, Basic and Detail Design, Supervision
Design Year:
Square Footage:
275 sqm
Kazufumi Nakamura