OMF O-Univ. New Campus Plan


“Tower with Sky Parks”
This is a project for the preliminary design of a building of the faculty and accommodation in the university. After researches of surroundings and future plan of the university and adjacent development, the idea “Tower with Sky Parks” was built up. Sky parks are randomly recessed in the simple tower and those recessed space have rich greens that make façade of the tower unique and intimate impression. The recessed spaces are used for not only the oasis for the people but also the equipment space, evacuation space and future expansion space.
“Large Square and Pedestrian Bridge”
Large Square is arranged on the ground level and the pedestrian bridges are running diagonally on the third level to extend the axis from a subway station to the surrounding town. The square is used not only for the relaxing space for people in the university but also for the festival in university and events with neighbors. The pedestrian bridges make the access from the station and the town side easily. Those are intended to design to use the square with different levels more efficiently.
“Façade with Louvers and Blocks”
The façade design is one of the most important items to characterize the building. Combination with the Sky Parks, the idea of Blocks which is generated from the zoning of departments of the faculty divides the tower façade into diverse faces. From far view, the tower looks unique symbolically and from middle far view, people in the university can recognize where they are belonged to. People must find the feeling of intimacy to the building due to the details of design, such as louvers, glass and greens as well.

Client Industry:
University, Accommodation
Osaka, Japan
Work Type:
Concept, Preliminary Design
Design Year:
Square Footage:
36,000 sqm