OII O-Univ. S-Bldg. Front Yard Landscape


“Regeneration of Front Yard”
The front yard of Research Institution was left as not used practically even though the main access route is running between the Research Institution and welfare facilities in the university. We proposed the ideas for the solution of development which are to make the front yard with practical uses and easy access.
“Design of configuration of the ground”
The existing yard had not good visibility and steep steps. Firstly, the configuration of ground is designed to change to a small hill. The edge of the existing mound is scraped and existing steps is replaced with gentle and wide steps as an main access between the Research Institution and welfare facilities in the university. Simultaneously, the access route for handicapped persons is set along the small hill.
“Multiple use of main access”
The new main access is used as not only for access but also gathering in small square. The bench seats are set along the main access and people can enjoy the scenery of the landscape, such as cherry blossom trees, lines of trees and flowers in the big pots.
“Good Visibility and Maintenance”
After removing the shrubs which disturb the visibility in existing yard, high trees are made in lines of trees and some Japanese originated trees are scattered in the small hill. Small plantings are collected in the big pots which are arranged in the site. Herewith the front yard has a good visibility and makes the maintenance easy especially to focus on the plantings in big pots.

Client Industry:
University, Landscape
Osaka, Japan
Work Type:
Concept, Basic and Detail Design
Design Year:
Development Area:
1,160 sqm