OFS O-Univ. Fab. Square


“Fabrication Square”
The project was started to set up the space where students can learn and develop manufacturing. 3D printer, scanner, router and laser cutter are installed for easy access to manufacturing. The diverse uses of this facility are intended, such as manufacturing individually and with group and collaboration with outside of university.
“Glass Room in the center”
To satisfy the requirements and enhance the space lively, a plan was selected to segregate into 4 spaces without partitions except a glass room located in the center. The glass room contains 3D printer and 3D scanner as the symbol of this facility. The furniture is designed to express the concept of this space.
“A curved configuration large table”
is designed with merging 3 different sizes of circle in order to accelerate the dialogues and collaboration on the table.
“Unit system of modular wooden box”
is for flexible uses such as stool, shelf and table. Students have their own box and bring it where they want to sit down or gather the boxes and arrange them as respective purposes.

Client Industry:
Osaka, Japan
Work Type:
Concept, Basic and Detail Design, Supervision
Design Year:
Square Footage:
223 sqm
Yuko Tada